Automated creation of time lapse recordings

If you want to create a time-lapse recording over a certain period of time, with a fixed interval between the individual recordings, you can use our function "Automated creation of a time-lapse recording". The time-lapse recording will be created for you in just a few steps:

  1. Click on "TIME LAPSE" in the control section. A new window will open.
  2. Enter the desired name for the new time-lapse recording.
  3. Use the input fields to set the start and end time of the time lapse recording.
  4. Set the interval (in hours, weeks, months, or years) between the recordings to be added to the time-lapse recording.
  5. Press the "SAVE" button. The time lapse recording you want is created and added to the list of time-lapse recordings in the admin section.

You can edit the time lapse recording to improve the quality:

  • If a shot has slipped slightly, you can easily correct by following the steps described in Re-adjustment of recordings.
  • If a shot is of poor quality, e. g., due to weather conditions, you can remove that shot and replace it with another one. To remove a shot, follow the procedure in Removing a point in time. To add another shot, such as the chronologically following one, follow the instructions in Adding a point in time.

To create a tile sequence (i.e. to observe a specific section of the scene in detail), proceed as in Creating a Tile Sequence (“Monitoring a Section of the Scene”).

You can change the name of a time-lapse recording at any time:

  1. Position the mouse tip on the name of the time lapse recording.
  2. Click the right mouse button and select the option 'Rename'.
  3. Enter the desired name and press 'Enter'.