Monitoring - Automated. High-resolution. Long-term.

The iMaster-DocuCam enables automated, long-term, and high-resolution optical documentation and monitoring of large areas.

High resolution gigapixel images of a defined area are generated fully automatically in a given time interval. The data is transmitted via LTE/3G/4G or Wifi to a server where it is stored in a structured database. At the same time, additional data such as weather (temperature, precipitation and humidity) are collected.

Users can access the images and the associated data (e.g. weather) at any time and from any location via a web browser. The easy-to-use user interface also allows the user to create, save and export time-lapse images of the entire area or a specific section in detail. It takes just a few clicks to determine the time lapse period and the interval between shots. This allows you to quickly and easily get an overview of what's happening on site - be it from the last day, the last week or the last months. You can also add your individual notes to the recordings in the form of rectangles, arrows or text.

With our live view, you can access the camera directly at any time.